Blogger have updated their service, so you’ll see a few small changes here. The biggest is that comments are now provided without an external tweak. This means I’ve removed my previous commenting system, so while the information is stored away in a db somewhere, we may never see it again.

Less Wise

I won’t be posting for a few days, as I had my wisdom teeth out this morning. At the moment I’m feeling OK, but I’m not fooling myself in to thinking that it’s going to be this easy. More later.

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Commercial break

I bought some shoes from Zappos and wanted to pass on my heartiest recommendation. Good website, painless ordering, very good pricing, and I even got an upgrade to overnight shipping! And they have more shoes than you and your significant other could share individual sticks at.

Enough naked commerce, a rant about unAmericanism to follow…

Difference and Evil

One of the things that I find generally irritating about politicians is their contention that their opponents aren’t just wrong, but baby-eating Satanists who want to take all your money and either give it to their fat-cat mates or welfare moms (depending on party affiliation). It’s a rare thing indeed to hear a politician of any stripe say of an opponent “Yes, he’s a good guy, dedicated to his country, and with some very imaginative ideas. I just believe he’s wrong.” The exception, of course, is when the opponent is dead.

Another aspect of this, less personal but just as unpleasant, is the view that the opposition’s plans will lead to the downfall of civilization, locusts, blood coursing through the gutters, and increased taxes. Again, this is a characteristics of all sides, though today’s installment comes from our heroic president. Apparently this election is critical:

“Peace and freedom depend upon this election. Prosperity for the people depend upon this election,” Bush said.

So there you go. Elect Bush, get peace, freedom and prosperity. Elect Kerry, get war, repression and destitution. I did get that the right way round, right?

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