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Don’t you think this is a great idea? Imagine people for the next 1,000 years being able to catch up on what’s happened, gradually building up in timeto a full 4 hour film for each city. Don’t you wish you had this now, so you could see London growing from a small town with poor drains to a world city with poor drains?

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From Pharyngula, a thin slice of everything you could ever want to know about me. Feel free to join in on your own blogs.

  • Act your age? 33, which is old enough that whenever asked I have to think about it.
  • Born on what day of the week? Friday.
  • Chore you hate? Packing. Ask Claire.
  • Dad’s name? Ian (one of my midle names)
  • Essential makeup item? E45 Lotion.
  • Favorite actor? Still thinking about this one. Let’s say Michael Caine (“You’re only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!”)
  • Gold or silver? Irony.
  • Hometown? Leek, Staffs. The sort of town you want to move away from, then as you get older you realize it’s not a bad place to settle down.
  • Instruments you play? Guitar as much as anything.
  • Job title? Quality Control Analyst III.
  • Kids? Lauren and Sam.
  • Living arrangements? Big leather chair opposite the biggest TV I’m allowed.
  • Mom’s name? Flo.
  • Need? Chocolate.
  • Overnight hospital stays? Ha! Pyloric Stenosis at 3 months for a day or so I guess, a year at 6-7 and another month at 12 for Perthes disease. And two nights when Lauren was born, ‘sleeping’ on an uncomfortable chair with her on my stomach.
  • Phobias? Peacock feathers.
  • Quote you like?I love deadlines. I especially like the whooshing sound they make as they go flying by.” – Douglas Adams. And “We have become as gods, so we might as well get good at it.Stewart Brand
  • Religious affiliation? No thanks.
  • Siblings? Brother (half, technically)
  • Time you wake up? 5:30 am
  • Unique talent? I appear to have two bellybuttons, does that count?
  • Worst habit? I don’t remember.
  • X-rays you’ve had? I refer you to my ironic laugh regarding hospital stays. Probably 50 of my pelvis, plus assorted dental.
  • Yummy food you make? I used to make a mean curry following a recipe from Tescos. Know my talents are confined to chocolate waffles (Claire just can’t seem to get it right, even Lauren knows that).
  • Zodiac Sign? Pisces, though I haven’t read my horoscope since high school.
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Mark Morford has an excellent, and by his standards almost understated, article on the recent Senate vote in favor of increasing the punishments for broadcasting disgusting unpleasantnesses such as a woman’s chestal region (you know who I’m talking about). I was actually planning a little rant about this myself, but he does invective so well that I don’t need to. Just remember that 80 million people a year in the US go without health insurance for some time, schools (the place where you send your kids to shape their understanding of the world) are underfunded, weapons are everywhere, advertising food that a zoo wouldn’t feed to its animals is a first amendment right, drugs are often easier for kids to get than alcohol, and we send children to war before they’re allowed to vote against the people sending them. But Bono saying a naughty word will be the end of civilization.

Oh, and a little example of what this thinking leads to: Senator Orrin Hatch has introduced a bill to drastically limit activities that might lead to copyright infringement. The bill centers on actions that might induce others to break copyright (which depending on how you read the text includes such inflammatory acts as making computers, or MP3 players), and is therefore called the ‘INDUCE Act’. So far so routinely evil, right? Well apparently those capital letters are there because INDUCE stands for “Inducement Devolves into Unlawful Child Exploitation”.

That’s right, if I tell you how to make an MP3 from your CD I’m helping paedophiles.

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