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I got a memo at work yesterday about an article published in Germany’s leading Lebensmittelzeitung (grocery newspaper). Now I don’t know exactly how many Lebensmittelzeitungen there are in Germany, but that doesn’t matter, because this was published in the *leading* Lebensmittelzeitung. I know when I pick up a Lebensmittelzeitung, it’s always the leading Lebensmittelzeitung that I make time for; life’s too short to trifle with run-of-the-mill Lebensmittelzeitungen.

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What the Cheney…?

I’d been meaning to hawk up a little bile for these pages regarding the attacks on Kerry by the Republicans, and the inclusion of Edwards in the ticket provides a great starting point. Herewith, a brief discussion of this article. Bush is pointing out that, compared to Cheney, Edwards is lacking in political experience, and that such experience is important for someone who could become President at any moment. A very valid argument. So lets do a quick tally of experience:

Edwards Kerry Bush
1960’s Graduates High School Bachelor’s from Yale
multiple medals for service in Vietnam
Bachelor’s from Yale
Drinks a lot
1970’s B.S. from NCSU, JD from UNC, Associate at law firm JD from Boston College
Assistant DA
Avoids service in Vietnam, technically a deserter
Harvard MBA
Dad’s friends finance attempts at Oil Co. CEO life, where he never returns a profit
Drinks a lot
1980’s Partner at second law firm Lt. Governer of Mass
US Senator
Buys 2% of Texas Rangers (baseball team), given another 10% by friends (such friends!), and helped raise taxes on community to pay for new ball park built on land forcibly removed from landowners
Drinks a lot
1990’s Founds own law firm
Elected to Senate
US Senator Serves six years as Governor of Texas
2000’s US Senator (total of 6 years) US Senator President

That was kind of fun, I think I may do some more work on this table. Anyway, Edwards clearly doesn’t have enough experience to be President, having only had 6 years of national politics as opposed to Bush’s, erm, 6 years of local politics. I try and try to find something clever to say, but it’s just such Cheneying nonsense that everything I come up with is a mere shadow of the reality. How does Bush get a free pass on things like this from the media? Hey, there’s an idea for a future post!

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It’s a very close community

A quote I just heard listening to the Tour de France coverage, from Paul Sherwin:

“They want to keep the mechanics all nice and greased up.”

I think he was referring to the mechanical components of the bikes, given the rainy conditions.

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I Wanna Be Your Dog

I’m still tweaking away at the site layout. If you have any suggestions please let me know, be it layout, features or even the colour scheme. I have to admit that dusty pink colour (OK Andy, “claret”, whatever) is starting to grate on me. The only thing not open to change is how I choose to spell colour.

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