L’Etats-R-Us. Or, Franglais and how she is spoken.

Not sure how, but the subject of Franglais (in this context meaning schoolboy French vocabulary fileld in with English grammar and any words you don’t know) just came up. Here’s a great example of the language, if a little too Canadian for the European version. A choice quote:

English: Six fifty for a Big Mac meal seems like a lot. Are these metric prices?

French: Tabarnak! En L’Etats-R-Us de Eh dans une Maison D’Ronald-Mc c’est selection repast Grande Homme I-really-will-put-that-in-my-mouth est prendez de moin less de seulement trois dollars verte-back krugerrands Washington. Est ce’que la smiles for free menu prix fixe calcule avec l’addition de GST impĂ´t ream-you-good et multiplix ream-you-gooder de la system decime tres sensible mais utterly failed introduction en l’Etats-R-Us de Eh ten-is-too-large-a-number-for-most-americans-to-grasp?

Note to world

I do not want to buy a new Rolex. As handy as it might be to time the extended performance you’ve provided with all the V1agra and Cia1is I’ve bought, the fact is that in my permanently priapic state I don’t need anything else restricting the blood supply to any other parts of my body.

Not (yet) available at Target

It appears that an internet provider in Australia messed up a link it provided to the website of ‘Australian Idol’ winner Casey Donovan (www.caseydonovan.com.au) by missing the .au from the end. I don’t recommend checking out the alternate link, as the .com site is a tribute to a dead gay porn star who… well, I think the article says it best:

[the site] features a naked frontal picture of the erstwhile adult star. A government source looking into the matter described an aspect of the picture of Mr Donovan as “frighteningly large”.

Homies on the Range

Heard a piece on MPR this morning about the burgeoning rap scene in Northern Minnesota. No really. And the clips they played sounded pretty good to me. No really. I particularly liked this (spoken) quote from one of the artists (from memory):

“Rap is like Country Music. They’re both literal lyrics about your blue-collar job”

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