Getting the point

I’m a moderator on a Yahoo! Group! related to a software testing app. The Group! is files-only, meaning there’s no discussion, it’s just a place to keep handy documents, applets etc. that help when using the main application. Everyone who signs up has to read and agree to a very brief piece of text stating that they understand this – being friendly, it gives them directions to an actual discussion group. Nonetheless every week or two someone will post a question. For example, here’s one from this morning:

Does any body have the automation framework document of Rational Robo.. please send it to {email deleted}

Note that the product is actually Rational Robot so not only is he asking a question where he shouldn’t, he can’t even ask it properly. Here’s the response that one of the other mods

You’re such a brute. Impetuous, headstrong, not too smart. I like that.

Come join me at

Ask for Alice

To clarify, the guy who sent the response is not called Alice. Not publicly anyway.

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Ye Olde Englishe

Another of those things you stumble upon. [[download:lp-all.mp3:text:Here:]] is an mp3 of The Lord’s Prayer being read in Old English. The original wav, plus some explanation, is available here (and all credit is due to that site and the reader, Cathy Ball).

I particularly like the “swa swa” bit. Play it and you’ll understand.

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Je suis un Americane

I saw a reference to this story, headlined “Routing is Tooting.” It made no sense to me, until I realized that I was reading in American.

(Culture note: In the UK ‘routing’ is pronounced to rhyme with ‘tooting’ In the US it’s something like ‘rowding’.)

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