One of the handy little features added in OS X 10.4.7 is OS-support for Minolta’s RAW format, MRW. This means that images from my 5D DSLR can be displayed in Preview, which makes for a very fast first weeding out of dreck.

Le Change

The Tour de France starts on Saturday, which is a highlight of the summer for me (the equivalent for the ball and chain is Wimbledon, which began on Monday). It’s odd to think that I’ll start the Tour (as a spectator that is) in Minnesota, watch the middle bit in New York, and finish it living in the UK.


I tried to like Safari, I really did. I’d read that it’s performance was much better than other OS X browsers, and one less thing to install seemed like a good idea. But ultimately there are just too many niggles that I can’t fit around. Pages seem to open in new windows when I don’t want them to, find-as-you-type isn’t included (and the hack available doesn’t work on mactels), and even the WordPress toolbar I can see just above where I’m typing now is absent in Safari.

It is therefore with relief, tinged with a little regret, that I move back to Camino + CamiTools, which offer all the key customizations I need from Firefox while still fitting in with OS X. I haven’t noticed any loss of performance, and it just feels right. And things feeling right is why I use Macs.

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