Google Maps

Sweet – Google maps has added multiple destinations, so you can plan a trip with multiple stops, or just force it to follow a particular route for some of the way.

End of an Era

The Open University has broadcast its last course-related programme, after 36 years of late-night ‘entertainment’. The OU made programs to supplement printed and other materials to allow adults (including me!) to take part-time degree courses from home (in my case, a masters in computing, or at least half a masters so far).

Here’s a clip to give you an idea, though it doesn’t really get across the full horror of plaid flares, sideburns and foot-wide ties that the OU specialized in. A tradition for insomniacs, drunk students and shift-workers in the days before all-night programming, it’s passing will be sorely mourned.

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Like An Animal

There’s a cool video of a 1972 SouthWest Airlines commercial at Youtube (I’d embed it, but the layout here is messed up and I’m trying to work out if embedded stuff is what’s causing it). But my favourite bit is this comment, in response to the idea that feminism stopped such adverts appearing:

Im feminist. I believe in women’s rights. But I enjoy a nice girl’s private parts like an animal.