Just watching the Packers-Broncos game and noticed a player called Atari Bigby. Atari is a Japanese word meaning attack, but clearly that’s not its most prominent use. Perhaps in another decade or so we’ll have a Nintendo Morris in the league. I’m guessing XBox 360 Jones may not make it past college.

Giuliani, Bush and Pirates

Here’s a nice opinion piece on the similarities between the current and possible future President. My favourite quote:

I really do think that he ran for president partly just to appease his Oedipal issues and partly because he needed to do something with his life and he didn’t think he could pass the written test to become a pirate.

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Freecom 500GB External Drive

How about that for a snappy title? I bought one of these as part of the planned upgrade to our existing ad hoc Tivo-like device. The drive seems excellent on first use:

  • it’s fanless, so the only sound is the disk revolving
  • the case is metal, so it dissipates heat well (in sustained use it gets warm, but not nearly as hot as the underside of my MacBook when it’s working hard
  • the power adapter is pretty small, perhaps because of the lack of fan
  • it’s cheaper to get this 500GBs than to upgrade a Mac Mini’s internal drive by 80GB
  • it has silvery good looks, thereby increasing my attractiveness to women

Now all that remains is a Mac Mini to complete the setup. Leopard is released in less than 8 hours, and my wife doesn’t seem to think I’ll last long before heading to the local store. She may be right.

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Turkey and Kettles

Turkey is currently weighing what to do militarily about the PKK, the Kurdish rebel group that is either a terrorist organization or an army of freedom fighters. The Kurds, or some number of them at least, want an independent homeland made up of parts of Turkey and Northern Iraq. Turkey and Iraq are less supportive of this idea, and the Turkish parliament has voted to allow their forces to move into Iraq if needed. The US is trying to discourage this because of the potentially destabilizing effect it would have on Iraq (imagine what a destabilized Iraq would look like).

Here’s the thing. The US doesn’t agree with these possible actions, but they are all in line with what the US itself has done in Afghanistan, and in fact are pretty understated compared to the war in Iraq. We can argue with them based on tactics, we can explain that a stable Iraq is worth the risk, we can even bribe them with cash and cheap fighter jets. But we can’t take the moral high ground because we don’t have it; we gave it away 5 years ago.

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