Gone Wolves

In a slightly disorientating experience yesterday, I watched the Timberwolves lose to the Celtics last night on British TV. Not only was I watching it when none of the many Minnesotans I work with able to (they were at work), but KG, the player synonymous with the Wolves for the last decade, was playing for the Celtics.

The oddness of the situation was mitigated by my indifference to basketball; it’s the only major sport we didn’t watch while in the US, and I don’t regret missing the squeaking and the tallness and the back and forth and the squeaking.

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Uncomfortable Experiment

Continuing on from yesterday’s post in a small way, a conservative Christian minister has been found dead from apparent autoerotic misadventure. Here’s how his attire was described:

Clothing: The decedent was received wearing two (2) wet suits, one scuba diving mask, one pair of diving gloves, one pair of slippers, one pair of rubber underwear, two (2) ties, five (5) belts, eleven (11) straps.

Neoprene has never been my thing (I quite like the smell of rubber, though not that much), but I guess if that floats your boat then fair enough. But two wet suits does seem a little…excessive. I do wonder if the slippers were really diving boots, or actual fluffy pink slippers.

As Pharyngula and others point out, this is a lot more sad than it is funny. This is a man who apparently believed himself to be particularly flawed, but couldn’t help himself, and certainly couldn’t afford to find others who might help him with his proclivities (either to overcome them or to do them safely). So now he’s dead, and his family have lost something that can never be replaced.

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Do not click this link until you’ve read the following:

  • Don’t watch it at work. Seriously.
  • Take a look at the end of the address, and you should understand why I say don’t watch it at work.
  • No, I wasn’t looking specifically for this, or even this kind of thing.
  • I’ve never been to any form of establishment hosting ladies of negotiable virtue, and would be far too embarrassed ever to do so. So for the more adventurous of my readers this may be old news.
  • Having said all that, you should watch it because, frankly, damn. In theory it’s mildly indecent, but in practice I was watching the athleticism so intently I didn’t notice, um, anything else. That’s why I’ve tagged it as ‘Sport’.
  • Really, don’t watch it at work. Or in public.
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Election Manipulation

No, surprisingly, not a George W Bush post, nor even one about an existing election. in the UK elections must happen at least every 5 years, but the ruling party can call one anywhere within its term to start the 5-year clock ticking again. There was much speculation that Gordon Brown* would call an election for November, based on his current honeymoon period as leader. In the event he’s decided that he ‘wants time to show us his vision’ so that he can get a mandate for the future, not just for his competence.

No, I’m not entirely clear on it either, but I guess it’s a plausible reason to want to put off an election, even if the real reasoning is mainly that the Tories are mounting a much stronger challenge than most expected. The problem comes with previous statements made around the time that Brown took over. Many people (myself included, though nobody noticed) called for an election because we were changing leaders. In theory that shouldn’t matter – the Prime Minister is nominally ‘first among equals’ – but in practice he sets the agenda for the entire government, so the fact that he was elected by only 25,000 Scottish people to govern 60 million Brits is irksome to say the least.

That on its own should only matter to people of decency and honour, so we’re not troubling any politicians yet. But the reason we got for not calling an election straight away was that the party had a manifesto that it was elected on, and while there might be tweaks to implementation, basically we’ve already agreed to what we’re going to get. That too is another reasonable explanation why we wouldn’t have an election. The problem is that it directly contradicts the previous reason; either one could be correct, but using both negates them both. The rules of Parliament specifically prevent politicians from using the word ‘liar’ in the House. We, happily, have no such block on our actions.

* texture like sun

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