That was easy

We have quite strong* finance rules in the UK that mean you need to prove who you are when opening accounts, or making changes to certain old accounts. Thus when I asked Equitable Life to change my address they sent me a form asking for my passport, one of my children, etc. Being fundamentally lazy I couldn’t be bothered, and ignored repeated follow-ups asking for at least a toe-nail clipping or a smidgin of sputum.

Unfortunately it turns out that I did need to change my address, so that I could move my money from them to a pension company that can count**. My new company gave me a phone number and my policy number, and after a 2 minute phone call my details are updated. I can’t decide if this is a good or bad thing.

*by which I mean difficult, rather than effective

**Equitable Life essentially went bankrupt by promising guaranteed returns they had no ability to match, ending more than two centuries of sensible yet effective money management.

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