This time I was nice enough to write to the Daily Mail to point out their mistake, rather than just whining here. They’re mocking the gentleman shown above (an intellectual, to be sure) for having jenius tattooed on his head, instead of genius.


You may want to rethink the story available at titled “Some ‘genius’! Suspect on assault charge pictured with misspelt tattoo”. The lettering on the gentleman’s face is in cursive, and starts with a cursive G (see for details on how to write one). Now it’s not a particularly well done cursive G, for sure, but then I imagine the sort of people who will put tattoos on other people’s foreheads probably didn’t have the best cursive teachers.

I look forward to your follow-up article about the ‘Daily Mail Reporter’ so dumb he or she can’t recognize his or her own language when it’s written down.

Cheers, Paul