Boy it’s quiet round here, eh? I am snowed under by a combination of work, domesticity and online flash games. Oh, and apathy. But mostly flash games.

I’m currently pondering switching over to a somewhat longer post once per week. I’ve the feeling this would be a lot less work than either a) my previous near-daily posts, and b) my current nothingness (because the guilt, she weighs heavy). In the meantime, go play a flash game.

Memory test

From the BBC:

“Reducing what you eat by nearly a third may improve memory, according to German researchers.”

They half-starved these folks, then asked them what they had for tea last night. Turns out they could remember every last detail.

Ballot Writing

There’s a recount going on in the Minnesota Senatorial race between Norman Coleman (R) and Alan Franken (D). The vote highlights the inadequacy of much of the US voting system – the variability of the voting methods used means that if this was a science experiment they’d have to give a margin of error. That’s fine in a poll, but not in the actual election, so the theoretical ‘best’ result would be a do-over (a race I suspect Coleman would win).

Anyway, both sides are challenging ballots because of assorted flaws. Perhaps the most impressive challenge is from the Coleman camp, who have challenged a ballot because it contained the text “Thank you for counting my vote!“. That might technically be grounds for rejecting it, but morally I’d say not, especially as I’ve written the same thing on my ballot before now (and having counted ballots as well, I wouldn’t have hesitated to let it through).

Spring’s Lease

My daughter goes to a local Brownie pack where my aunt is Brown Owl and Claire is a helper. We found out yesterday that one of the Brownies had died after collapsing at the weekend. It doesn’t seem to have really registered with Lauren, as she didn’t particularly know the girl, but obviously the adults are quite upset, and I’ve found it to be rather unsettling too. I’m sure you don’t need much prompting for this, but might I suggest an extra hug for your kids when you get home tonight.