Boy it’s quiet round here, eh? I am snowed under by a combination of work, domesticity and online flash games. Oh, and apathy. But mostly flash games.

I’m currently pondering switching over to a somewhat longer post once per week. I’ve the feeling this would be a lot less work than either a) my previous near-daily posts, and b) my current nothingness (because the guilt, she weighs heavy). In the meantime, go play a flash game.

BoPL, now with more me!

So following the instructions here I’m now posting the things I share via Google Reader to this blog. This makes things much easier for me, so you’ll all be blessed with many more insights into how you should vote (if you can) in the upcoming US election (a clue: it rhymes with ‘gobama’). Aren’t you lucky?

Theme Change!

Yes, it’s that time again. Actually I started this because I have a post where I’m trying to publish a snippet of text beginning with an xml declaration, and I can’t get it to display – even using the pre tag it seems the browser tries to render it as something other than the text. Any suggestions gratefully received – right now I’m going to see if a bit of white space will fix it.

Feed Stats

There’s a new feature in Google Reader that lets you see how many subscribers a blog has. If you try to add a new feed, using its name rather than the URL, it provides a page of likely matches including the number of subscribers through Reader (not the overall total).

The reason I mention this is that I have 5 subscribers through Reader. Not only is this around 4 more subscribers than I knew about, but I didn’t realize that anyone I know is using Reader. My testosterone levels have been boosted by this fame so much that, if my in-laws weren’t visiting, I would ravish my wife on the sofa. As it is a game of Dice Mogul will have to do.