WordPress Update

For those readers who use the WordPress blogging platform, there’s a new version out. If you’re using FastCGI on your site it may be worth waiting for a while, as there’s an issue with the admin panel that’s likely to be fixed soon (there’s a plug-in to fix it already, but that seems kind of untidy). I’m currently posting from the new version, and while there’s no visible difference I’ve noticed (it’s only an x.x.1 update) it seems as solid as ever.

Update: Having said that it seems to have thrown out my widget choices – something to look out for.

The Great AdSense Experiment

So I’m finally in triple-digits…so long as we’re counting cents as digits. As a reminder, I’m curious to see how a no-name, sparse-content, personal blog will perform using Google’s AdSense program. I’ve taken a little time to spruce up the site, mostly as a side-effect of squeezing in the ads, but apart from that I’m not really changing anything (I did have a wave of posting enthusiasm, but that too has passed).

I know that there are many people making a living from AdSense, and many more noticeably supplementing their income. Thus far this would seem to fall clearly into the ‘other people’ bucket.

Category Clouds

I’ve been asked how the technorati-like cloud to your right is achieved. Being something of a gadfly, I had already upgraded my WordPress install to use Widgets, which I believe all the cool kids are using nowadays. The instructions to install the basic widget setup are pretty good, so long as you actually follow them rather than doing half of them and then assuming you’re done (but who would do that?)

After that I found the Category Cloud Widget on the Widget Blog(widgr.com, anyone?). Installation was again straightforward, the only trick to keep in mind is that you have to activate the widget just like a plugin from within the WordPress admin pages.

Once installed the parameters to make it work are straightforward – I set it to scale from 70% to 250% of the standard font, which seemed best suited to this theme as it uses relative sizes rather than absolute values.

The widget code was taken from this normal plugin. This is probably a bit easier, but lacks your RDA of AJAX I’m afraid.