New Funniest Thing Ever

Normally I’d save this for a Friday, but I think your life will be improved so much by watching it that it would be wrong of me to hold back. You definitely want to have headphones on for this – without them it’s not safe for work.

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Evil Eye

Not sure how much I’ll be blogging over the holidays, so I hope you have whatever you would consider a great Christmas/festival of your choice. And in the meantime I leave you with this, which might just be the most awesome thing that has ever existed.


I worked too long yesterday, so here’s a little something from the past as a pick-me-up.

Update: If you’re having problems with this, all I can say is it worked this morning. If that’s not good enough, Jajah offer free trial phone calls, so you can call someone who cares.

Parenting Advice

I don’t normally post family stuff here, but this contains some important wisdom that I wanted to pass on. I was sat with my kids who were trying to tickle my neck. The following conversation with my six year old was the result.

Me: Can you stop that please?

Daughter: But I thought you weren’t ticklish.

Me: I’m not, but I don’t like being irritated like that.

Daughter: So why did you have kids then?

Me: …

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