Retail, then Therapy

The noted shoulder-shrugger (by birth and profession) Jean-Paul Sartre, famously said “Hell is other people”. The phrase was first published in the 1944 play ‘Huis Clos’. I respectfully submit that if he’d been to the Croydon Ikea he’d have said it much earlier.


Josh has reproduced! I think the initial decision was inspired by the range of gadgets for kids that he was missing out on, but it looks like Evelyn will earn a place in the house on her own merits. Congratulations to the proud fathers!

That reminds me, I didn’t blog that our friends Emma and Andy have similarly duplicated, providing a sister for Toby called Dara. For some reason it didn’t occur to me to blog that at the time – I guess Josh lives so much of his life digitally that it seemed natural to, whereas Emma and Andy are more clearly fixed in meatspace for me. In a nice way.

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