Poor Sickly Me

I went to the doctor with a dodgy knee last week, and along with a referral to a special knee doctor he advised that I switch to swimming instead of rowing and cycling. Makes sense, of course, but I hate swimming; it’s boring, I find it almost impossible to remember how many laps I’ve done, I don’t like getting wet, and despite being a solo sport it still involves other people. Nonetheless I signed up at the local pool and have been swimming most days since (and yes, it’s every bit as loathsome as I remember).

Why am I whining on about this? Well I just wanted to caution you about medical advice. Since starting my shoulder has hurt almost constantly, and am seriously considering a return to the doctor. On the upside I’ll be able to fulfill a lifelong ambition by holding my arm in the air and saying “Doctor, doctor, it hurts when I do this”.


Between a busy workload and kid duty I found myself with a spare hour before dinner today. I wanted to exercise, having been out of action for 3 weeks with a cold and a crook foot, but looking at the DIY stuff clogging up the hallway I realized I needed to get into the loft and put some insulation down. Turns out insulating is quite the aerobic workout, at least when you have to cantilever yourself out over the area you’re trying to cover, with your belly resting on a joist, forcing a two foot high roll of fibreglass to unroll in a space one foot high.

On balance, though, I think I’ll stick with rowing for my daily workout.

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Follow the link to see the sort of thing I do for fun (no, it wasn’t me). And marvel at the level of passion in the official’s voice without a single swear word.

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