Do not click this link until you’ve read the following:

  • Don’t watch it at work. Seriously.
  • Take a look at the end of the address, and you should understand why I say don’t watch it at work.
  • No, I wasn’t looking specifically for this, or even this kind of thing.
  • I’ve never been to any form of establishment hosting ladies of negotiable virtue, and would be far too embarrassed ever to do so. So for the more adventurous of my readers this may be old news.
  • Having said all that, you should watch it because, frankly, damn. In theory it’s mildly indecent, but in practice I was watching the athleticism so intently I didn’t notice, um, anything else. That’s why I’ve tagged it as ‘Sport’.
  • Really, don’t watch it at work. Or in public.
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Gregg Easterbrook is a… well, journalist is a bit strong, so let’s go with writer. His main topics seem to be religion, football (the sort played with Americans, not feet) and popular culture/economics/politics. His sports column, Tuesday Morning Quarterback, appears each week at ESPN (I’ll let you work out what day it’s published on). It’s quite amusing, if a little repetitive and way too long, but worth a read every now and then. Except that now you don’t need to, because Kissing Suzy Kolber has a parody so awesome it renders the column itself superfluous. I’d quote from it, but really you should just struggle through one of his columns and then read the whole thing.

(HT: Pharyngula)