Top Tip: Never show weakness to a physio – as soon as they know something hurts they’ll be at it like a dog on a bone until you sign over your house.

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Tech Roundup

I upgraded to 10.5.2 on my Mac yesterday, and found that screen sharing no longer worked when trying to control a 10.5.1 machine. So upgrade all your machines if you’re upgrading any, and as it’s almost a third of a gig in size it’s worth downloading the install if you have more than one machine.

Beta 3 of Firefox is out, and seems to be working well on my Mac at least, so worth considering.

I’ve used DropCopy in the past to move files between different machines, but iChat in Leopard (and maybe before, I don’t know) lets you move files between Bonjour users very easily. Start up iChat on both machines, open the Bonjour users list, and you can move files the same as in a normal chat session, but faster.

Finally it appears that WordPress automatically backs up posts as you’re typing, so that if, for example, you accidentally pressed backspace outside of a text box, thereby moving back a page, you wouldn’t lose everything. Hypothetically.

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Having collected my boy from his new school a few times over the last fortnight, and overheard the conversations of various young mums, I offer the following language advice. “Hello” is pronounced with a short ‘o’, not a long ‘ooo’, and should at no point be pronounced in a sing-song tone. The Welsh can manage that, you can too.


Top Tip: If you drop a small, pellet-like piece of chocolate near a cage full of gerbils who like to flick their pellets of poo out of the cage, take a breath and let the chocolate go.

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