Weighty Matters

If you’ve recently moved house, and in the process piled some weightlifting equipment in your garage, including some that’s leaning against a stepladder you need, and if the light in the garage takes 20 seconds to light, and if you’re wearing sandals, do remember to wait for the light to come on rather than just grabbing the stepladder, because if you did that a 50 pound weight might fall on your ankle., and you might swear a lot and go into mild shock from the intense pain. I’m guessing.

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Now that QuickSilver is installed I can relax into my Mac and deal with a few more ordinary chores. One early one to deal with, because of a bit of geekery I’ll post on later, is to install a bittorrent client. There are two main options that I favour, depending on use. For heavy lifting the java app Azureus covers pretty much anything you might want, but for the modest role I envisage for the MacBook Tomato Torrent does the trick. It’s lightweight, lets you limit traffic levels in and out, and has a tomato for a logo.

I’ve installed the 1.5 beta client, and in the limited use I’ve made of it I can say this is no rotten tomato. Thank you, I’ll be here all week, try the salmon.

I’ve also tried Bits On Wheels, which is a really cool idea that in practice I just didn’t get. But if you like to watch simulations of bits move along the spokes of a virtual wheel, this one’s got you covered.

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Top Tip: Slugs

Apparently it’s worth checking your socks for slugs before cycling to work in the morning, especially at the front of your ankle where the constant flexing and extending of the joint could squish any hapless invertebrates.

To anticipate the obvious question: No, it was on the outside.

Recommended Software: Taskbar Shuffle

Taskbar Shuffle is a handy little app that lets you change the order of apps within your taskbar in Windows. If you have to use Windows you might as well make it feel like home, and this is a nice solution to a minor irritation. Downsides are that it’s recommended you turn grouping off (no bad thing really), and a close to 7MB memory footprint (but then how could such a feature-rich app possibly exist in less?)

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