Tech Nursery Rhyme

A friend who has a young child in pre-school in Silicon Valley sent me this rhyme they learned recently:

99 little bugs in the code,
99 bugs in the code,
fix one bug, compile it again,
101 little bugs in the code.

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America’s Cup

I received several emails at work urging me to watch live coverage of the American contender for the America’s Cup. Being somewhat curmudgeonly by nature this didn’t sit well with me (“watch the live webcast of us spending your pay raise!”), but I think it’s actually the CEO’s money, so fair enough. I wouldn’t want to be around the blessed Larry this morning, however:

VALENCIA, Spain, May 20 — The United States’ quest for the America’s Cup ended Sunday in a humiliating defeat for BMW Oracle Racing. It lost to Luna Rossa of Italy, which won the sixth race of the Louis Vuitton Cup semifinals to clinch the best-of-nine series, 5-1.

Aboard the USA-98 yacht was the software billionaire Larry Ellison, who backed the California-based team’s four-year quest for the trophy, a challenge that rivals said cost upward of $200 million. He stood grim and unsmiling in dark sunglasses as crew members of Luna Rossa celebrated their victory with bear hugs in front of a huge fleet of spectator boats on a day of brisk winds reaching up to 15 knots.

It was Ellison’s second failed attempt to bring the Cup back to the United States, which has not won the race since 1995. But he left it to Dickson to explain the team’s defeat.

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IT Recruiter: So, “Oracle Inc.”, can you tell me a little about what they do?

Me: Um, well they’re the world’s largest database company.

It Recruiter: Oh, OK.

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Swings and Roundabouts

With every bad a little good comes. Or if you’re a pessimist, with every good a little bad comes. This morning I dropped my work laptop (stupid boy). Fortunately my wireless card broke its fall, so the laptop is fine but not the wireless card. On the upside the laptop wasn’t charging batteries before, but now it does.

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