Head to a real or virtual Apple store near you to check out the new iPods. And by new, I mean like way new; this isn’t just a bump in capacity, this is 2 entirely new ranges, and revisions to everything that wasn’t new. As with the iPod Mini, replaced when it was still Apple’s highest selling product, Apple shows that one way to success is to just keep pushing out the greatness when it’s ready, not when your graphs show that your cash cow is waning.

Anyway, you can see the details for yourself, I just wanted to point out a minor detail. The iPod Classic (I feel like Classic should be written in curly script for some reason) now goes up to 160GB. I won’t bore you with tales of my first hard drive (20MB, if you’re asking), but dude, 160GB is just an assload of storage by anyone’s measure.

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