Here’s an excellent Flickr gallery showing the results of HDR (High Density Range) photography. HDR photos are amalgams of several (usually three) pictures of the same subject, but shot with different exposure settings. Typically one normally exposed image captures the mid tones, an underexposed one captures the highlights, while a third overexposed one gets the shadow regions. Combining them allows you to see details across the entire range of brightness of the image, something that cameras (and indeed human eyes) can’t do in a single view normally.

HDR Plane Image

The process gives the images an unnatural look – obviously, it is unnatural – but it’s very appealing.


There’s a picture of Paris Hilton that’s become pretty common in the last few days, showing her in tears inside her car. It’s actually a pretty good shot, capturing the mood artistically I think, but the subject is not worth it. Go here to see that image, plus another from the same photographer. A pretty depressing look at where we are.

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Image and Content

Take a look at 13 pictures that changed the world. While I know there are others that are equally notable (see the comments there for some ideas), it’s a great trip through the history of photography. I was particularly struck by the split between great art (#7 being a particular favourite of mine) and great photojournalism (not so easy to have a ‘favourite’, but there are few images more powerful than #4, though the pictures of the monk Thích Quảng Đức burning himself to death, and the Vietnamese girl Kim Phuc running from a napalm attack would qualify.

I think I might have started the series off with the first photograph ever taken, as that did rather get the ball rolling.

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